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Im Baackkk!

by Gini Nelson

From Gini Nelson's Blog Engaging Conflicts

Gini Nelson

horse-named-goodluck.jpgSome of you have asked, and I thank you for that. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. I’m okay — I’ve had to prioritize getting my law practice back up and running. I had let it drop to almost nothing for several years while I prioritized Engaging Conflicts. I’ve had a real learning curve as I changed my market niche from family law (which I still do it by referral), to bankruptcy and bankruptcy avoidance. It’s been challenging and rewarding — there’s a lot to learn, and a great need for good attorneys here, and I am enjoying it. (Although it’s not always fun being on steep learning curves! It’s been quite a ride!)

Also, I was doing articles for both the ABA Law Trends online newsletter (here’s my recent article) and the online magazine The Complete Lawyer, where I coauthor the The Human Factor column with Vickie Pynchon, Diane Levin and Stephanie West Allen (see the post tomorrow about the newest column). I also now write an occasional column on use of online, social media over at TCL, starting with the Sept./Oct. issue. Overall, I am writing more for attorneys, and not only for mediators.


I am happy that I have gotten the law practice up and running, and I am enjoying more interaction with lawyers again. I am also very happy I am going to be able to add Engaging Conflicts back into my regular life!


Gini Nelson is a sole practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her practice emphasizes private dispute resolution, including distance dispute resolution, and domestic, bankruptcy and bankruptcy avoidance law.

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