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Drawings That Will Change Your Life

by Gini Nelson

From Gini Nelson's Blog Engaging Conflicts

Gini Nelson

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Ralph Perrine has an article recently published at ChangeThis, described thusly:

Ralph Perrine believes drawing to be indispensable to good planning and good collaboration-the top two critical skills for success in life. Here, he shares twelve drawings to help bring focus and clarity to teams and any personal planning.

Well, actually, only 4 drawings are presented in the article but they are helpful and were enough to send me to his website where he is selling the full set as a 12-month 2008 calendar. The 4 in the article are:

  • Balancing Your Life (this one has a charming metaphor so read below for more on it)
  • 360 Degree Awareness (”helps you learn to widen your awareness so you can spot opportunities and issues earlier. Great ideas, and opportunities, as well as important issues often lie in our periphery, waiting for us to connect the dots.”)
  • Critical Path (”helps you think through a sequence of important items you must navigate through in order to reach an objective. Do this exercise with a group to spot risks or issues ahead of time.”)
  • The Bright Core (”helps you think about your ‘playing field.’ More specifically, where you are in relation to competitors, vs. where you want to be.”)

Here’s the visual for Balancing Your Life and more text from his website:

Drawing #1: Balancing your Life

Balancing your life, a drawing from 5 Drawings That Will Change Your Life Calendar
How to draw the drawing from 5 Drawings That Will Change Your Life Calendar

What this drawing teaches

Life seems to follow a cycle of taking in, processing, and giving out. Inhale, process, exhale.

Inhaling means taking in things that hopefully nurture, inspire or educate you.

Processing means thinking, prioritizing, deciding what things mean, and coming to your own conclusions.

Exhaling is output. What you produce, write, create. Your work, your contributions. It seems that these three activities - inhaling, processing, exhaling - have to remain in balance with each other. When these elements get out of balance life becomes frustrating. If you are taking in all the time but never giving out, or there’s giving with no taking in, or no time to process life - all of these are examples of being out of balance.

When to use it When you need to regain your equilibrium and plan a more balanced life.

You can find the article at ChangeThis, or download it by clicking here:changethis-drawings-that-change-your-life.pdf


Gini Nelson is a sole practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her practice emphasizes private dispute resolution, including distance dispute resolution, and domestic, bankruptcy and bankruptcy avoidance law.

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