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This listing is a public service. Information is provided by the mediators listed and is not certified or approved by the Association of Missouri Mediators. We recommend you check the credentials and experience of the individual mediators. Each mediator has acknowledged a minimum of 16 hours of mediation training (MO Rule 17 - general) or 36 hours training (MO Rule 88 - domestic relations).

Categories of mediation included in this listing are: BM (business - contract, account, partner or organizational disputes), NM (community, neighborhood, restorative justice) XM (construction- building, remodeling, repair), CM (consumer mediation - account & credit disputes, retail complaints, warranty), SM (education- special ed, school relations, staff & student, peer mediation), EM (elder care, end of life, estate planning mediation), FM (family, divorce, custody, support, permanency planning), PM (personal injury - premises liability, motor vehicle, civil claims for assault, malpractice), WM (workplace - personnel disputes, discrimination), and "Other"

Mediators are listed alphabetically by city or nearest town for your convenience.

Kansas City Area

Kathleen Bird, Liberty (816) 812-7401 khlbird@kc.rr.com NM PM WM  Why settle for the pat answer when you can engage in an empowering process to increase your satisfaction with creative problem solving?  I offer conflict management consultations, individual negotiation coaching, and mediation services, based on over 20 years experience as a mediator and consulting thousands of parents and litigants.  Recipient of the Heartland Mediators Assn Acordn award, Assn of Missouri Mediaators achievement award; Assn of Family & Conciliation Courts Leadership award.  

Don Blythe, Kansas City (913) 485-8527 dblythe@blythepaperless.net   FM   I offer affordable divorce mediation that includes financial mediation with a CPA, parenting plan mediation with a family counselor and a collaboratively-trained attorney to explain what the law says and does not say, prepare the mediated divorce agreement in the format required by the court, and walk it through the court system.

Nancy Brown, Lees Summit (816) 914-1663 nbrown16@yahoo.com  BM NM CM WM I specialize in police, community and housing issues.  I am finalizing a masters degree in negotiation and dispute resolution at Creighton University School of Law.  Previously I was employed by the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development and retired after completing 23 years in federal law enforcement and 33 years total federal service overall.

James P. Donovan, Kansas City (913) 660-4815 jim@midamericanmediation.com  BM NM FM WM www.MidAmericaMediation.com I have a life-long history of private, public and not-for-profit services.  My ability to think outside the box, find the "win-win" and attend to the business at hand in an organized, well-rounded, professional and respectful way has garnered respect and adminiration among my peers.  I have a full service dispute resolution practice providing civil, domestic & family, government, neighborhood/community, construction, elder care, probate and HR/workplace services. 

Michael D. Fitzgerald, Kansas City (816) 283-3344 m.d.fitzgerald@hotmail.com BM XM CM WM After actively practicing law 44 years, I am devoting most of my time to dispute resolution. My broad legal experience serves me well in mediation. I have handled almost every type of case or issue. Having litigated many business, employent and personal disputes, I feel strongly that all adversaries benefit from limiting or avoiding the time, money and emotion of the court system. My style is a hybrid of facilitative and evaluative mediation.

Patricia Hagenah, Independence (816) 795-8890 patriciahagenah@sbcglobal.net FM EM BM CM I am an experienced family law mediator and attorney. I have mediated hundreds of family law matters involving divorce, child custody, parenting issues, child support and guardianship.  I believe mediation provides parents the best opportunity to come together to talk through their issues and work to create a positive environment where their children can thrive. I am a mediator on the Jackson County Family Court Child Custody Mediator Panel and with M.A.R.C.H. (Mediation Achieving Results for Children) Mediation program. Please visit www.hagenahmediation.com for more information.

Vickie M. Harris, Kansas City & Lees Summit (816) 797-2891 vickie.integrity@gmail.com  BM NM FM WM I have over 20 years of management, human resources, and employee relations experience with two Fortune 500 companies.  In this capacity, I also served as director of corporate diversity and inclusion.  I enjoy applying the skills from these positions to help resolve conflict between individuals, within families, and at workplaces. I believe that conflict resolution is where listening, logical thought, and empathy meet. Only then can participants have productive dialogue where solutions are mutually accepted.

M. Theresa Hupp, Kansas City (816) 452-3368 thupp1@sbcglobal.net BM PM WM I spent 17 years as an attonrey in the Hallmark Cards Legal Division, litigating and counseling managers on employment, ERISA, trademark, personal injuiry, intellectual property, and business issues. I also have 10 years experience as a human resources director at Hallmark, managing employee relations, staffing, compensation, benefits, and workforce planning. I directed an employee dispute resolution process at Hallmark. I have spent the past 5 years as a mediator in Missouri courts.

Mary M. "Mickey" James, Kansas City (816) 881-1808 mjames@courts.mo.gov NM SM FM One of the first (domestic) mediators in the  Kansas City area. Initial mediation training was sought and received as it was strongly believed parents should maintain control of parenting decisions as they worked thorugh ending their marital role.  It has been rewarding to see mediation grow and blossom and become a reality in so many different areas.  People generally make good decisions when given the opportunity.

Randy W. James, Lees Summit (816) 554-1500 rjames@jameslawkc.com BM NM XM CM I approach mediation in a proactive fashion by engaging in pre-mediation preparation and consultation with the parties and/or counsel as appropriate. This maximizes the productive time during the mediation and facilitates resolution of the dispute. For more information, visit www.jameslawkc.com

Dawn Kuhlman, Liberty / Kansas City (816) 210-7601 dkuhlman13@gmail.com NM FM 

Peggy Lukken, Kansas City (913) 638-6350 peggy@cottagemediation.com SM EM FM BM CM and animal related disputes  As a conflict specialist my primary focus is on facilitative mediation in domestic and civil disputes.  I am qualifed as a mediator of education disputes and listed with the Missouri Department of elementary and Secondary education. Coursework for a Masters degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University's Werner Institute will be completed in April 2014.  For more information visit www.cottagemediation.com

Annette Lantz-Simmons, Independence, MO                                                                          (816) 461-8255  talklistenrestore@yahoo.com   NM SM FM WM

Derek Moorhead, Raymore (816) 929-4400 derekmoorhead@msn.com BM NM FM WM

Steven H. Mustoe, Prairie Village, KS (913) 440-0004 smustoe@mustoelawfirm.com www.mustoelawfirm.com BM XM CM FM As an attorney with 27 years experience in the areas of commerical and transactional alw, my mediation practice focuses on disputes involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, shareholder disputes, business valuations, accounting disputes, buy-sell transactions, corporate disolutions, loan enforcements, lender liability, leases, real estate development and related transactions. 

Frank Neal, Shawnee KS (913) 209-8065 reliefconsultants@aol.com BM NM CM WM Resolution brings relief.

Karen Plax, Kansas City (816) 942-1900 kaplax@swbell.net FM  I am a mediator with substantial experience as a family law attorney.  I can assist in resolving issues relating to divorce, shared custody, division of assets and financial supoprt.  Visit www.plaxlaw.com for more information.

Kathy Robinson, Independence, Kansas City & Liberty (816) 252-8000  kronbinson190@comcast.net  FM WM I have proudly served as a family law attorney / mediator for Clay County Court Services for over 12 years. I enjoy helping families and children maintain hope and make the best out of difficult circumstances. Cornerstones of my practice include respect for participants and accommodating scheduling needs, including quick scheduling and agreement turnaround time, when necessary, within reason. I particularly enjoy working with diverse populations and work hard to respect the intricacies of diversity in mediation. My background includes undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology, a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution, previous service as the Director of Mediation Services at UMKC, an AmeriCorps attorney / mediator / trainer in a domestic violence program, and I currently conduct informal resolution of employee benefit ERISA violations and public/employer education and outreach with the US Department of Labor. My mediation experience also includes workplace, USPS REDRESS, victim offender, and parent adolescent. I serve currently as a board member for the Association of Missouri Mediators and previously with the Heartland Mediators' Association.

Peter M. Schloss, Kansas City & Liberty (816) 792-4242 pmslaw@kc.rr.com BM EM FM WM I am an attorney whose practice focuses on the resolution of disputes through mediation.  I work with hundreds of people each year, providing a forum for finding dignified solutions to the problems that people face. For more information visit www.mediationkc.com

Don Shanks Kansas City (816) 298-6250 info@dshankslaw.com FM  With over 30 years as an attorney, I know the ill-effects of an adversarial setting.  With over 30 years of parenting (and a 1994 divorce en route) I know the importance of putting children first.  My goal is to help parties resolve specific issues of property, finances and custody and improve communications and trust. www.dshankslaw.com

Shannon A. Sorenson  Kansas City metro (816) 363-5466  s.sorensen@wbbdlaw.com  FM  I am in private practice, exclusively in the area of family law.  As an attorney and in my personal experience, it has been my experience that mediation is the best choice for families.  Mediation is hard work, and I am willing to put forth the effort and work for the benefit of families to resolve custody, visitation, support and property division issues. www.wbbdlaw.com

ElGene Ver Dught Independence, MO  (816) 836-4141 ElGene@aol.com

Nancy Stuver Wallingford, Kansas City (816) 942-1900 nwatymed@swbell.net  XM CM EM FM  I am a family friendly mediator.  Being a parent and stepparent myself, as well as having mediated with hundreds of families, l can help you develop a parenting plan that works for you and your kids. I don't favor Moms.  I don't favor Dads.  I care a lot about kids and believe that most parents do too. As a recovering lawyer I understand the legal system and family law so I can help you come up with a workable parenting plan to help you and your kids move forward.

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