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Restorative Justice VOD Training

Restorative Justice practices respond to crime by focusing on accountability, healing the harm and restoring those involved as functioning members of our communities.  Victim Offender Dialogue is a restorative justice practice that provides a supportive setting for willing victims to get answers to questions directly from their offenders who are willing to accept responsibility for their conduct and try to make things right.  Mediation skills are essential for VOD coordinators.  There is an effort to train mediators in VOD throughout the state of Missouri.

VOD Training:  July 25-26, 2008  at University of Missouri, Columbia, MO   Pre-requisites:  minimum of 20 hours basic mediation training and experience in facilitative and/or transformative mediation.  Limited to 40 trainees.

Registration Fee:  $90.00

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Training co-sponsors:  Association of Missouri Mediators, Missouri Restorative Justice Coalition, Community Mediation Center of Independence, University of Missouri Center for the Study of Dispute Resoution, Missouri State Univeristy Center for Dispute Resolution, Washington University School of Law Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

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