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October 13, 2014

Provided by Marilyn Shannon


   Section Leaders


Jodi Hallstrom
Cell: 202.380.6015 
Office: 612.659.8597 |
Jodi Hallstrom is a workplace Mediator, Conflict Coach and Work/Life Wellness Manager for the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.  While she is primarily involved in workplace conflict within the Federal sector, Jodi seeks to reveal and encourage human interconnectedness on a deeper, spiritual level; even in the workplace.  As a working mother called to wear multiple hats in any given day, Jodi is an advocate for the value, necessity and obligation as conflict practitioners to care for oneself as essential instruments of peace in a chaotic world.  Jodi has been an ACR member since 2005 and a member of the Spirituality Section since 2008.  She lives with her son, Benjamin in St. Paul, Minnesota.




Raymond A. Terhorst

(505) 847-2855



Ray has been a mediator since 2001 having received his initial training with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and then taking advanced classes at Humboldt State University in California. He enjoys doing community and workplace mediations for the Albuquerque City Attorney, and is a facilitator for New Mexico First and America Speaks. Prior to 2001, he had a 34 year career in law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He also has extensive experience in non-profit organizations.


Ray joined the Spirituality Section in 2001 and has watched the Section grow from a handful to the size it is today. He is hopeful that during his three years as tri-chair we can find ways to provide spiritual support to all members of ACR as well as to provide a spiritual experience to all members of the Section regardless of their spiritual or religious background.


Ray is also an Drug/Alcohol Intervention Specialist and is available to consult with ACR members who are experiencing addiction problems with friends and family members, free of charge. Members can call or e-mail Ray with their concerns. His goal is to bring a little more peace into this world one event or one person at a time.



Darrell Puls

Cell: 509.308.2737

Office: 509.627.1109 ext. 109

Email: Darrell@conflicttopeace.com

Darrell Puls has worked in the field of conflict management since 1976. During that time he has worked in the roles of labor negotiator, police hostage negotiator, employee advocate, arbitration advocate, and mediator. Darrell specializes in group, organizational, and large-scale conflict resolution processes. Darrell was the founding President of a successful community dispute resolution center, is Past President of the Washington Mediation Association, and served on numerous organization boards. “I am fascinated by large-scale conflict dynamics and in creating practical and effective means of intervening in these conflicts. In particular, and after mediating hundreds of cases, I have come to believe that ending the process with a mediated settlement agreement leaves the job half done. For conflict truly to be resolved and gone, there needs to be healthy relational healing; individual emotional, physical, and spiritual healing through empirically supported forgiveness processes, and, where appropriate, relational healing through healthy reconciliation practices. I am excited about the possibilities and the challenges we face together." Darrell is the author of The Road Home: A Guided Journey to Church Forgiveness and Reconciliation (Cascade Books, 2013) and a frequent speaker across the country.

Photos from 2009 Rocky Mountain Retreat, at St. Malo, Colorado

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Spirituality Section Telemeeting/Teleseminar News!

Please join us for our monthly telemeetings, where we discuss the business of the Spirituality Section and connect with each other! These meetings are open to all Spirituality Section members. Our meetings are held the first Monday morning of every month at 7:30 AM Mountain Time. The meetings are one hour in length and can be accessed by calling 1-712-432-1630. The code is: 962913#. Please note that in the event of a holiday, the meeting will shift to the following Monday.

And, don't forget our monthly teleseminars! Each month, we invite excellent speakers to share their wisdom with us! Check our email blasts for the conference schedule! Also note that our teleseminars are now available for download and playback until the next teleseminar (when the preivous teleseminar is recorded over). Save our conference call-in information! Call-in number: 1-712-432-0800, code: 761419#. Conference playback number: 1-712-432-0899, code: 761419#.


Book reviews

Calm in the Face of the Storm. “A simple daily dose, a morning gift for anyone working day in and out in the wonderfully challenging arena of conflict, mediation and peacebuilding. These short, insightful essays fill an important and too often overlooked gap in the professional field—the need to sustain our spirit, build our enthusiasm, and deepen our reservoir of compassion, the platform that from which hope rises for the necessary accompaniment of those experiencing pain and confusion in the search for meaning in the midst of conflict. This book should be located right alongside the palm pilot, the calendar, or the morning latté. Start anywhere, read in any direction—it’s a gift.” -- review by John Paul Lederach, PhD. Peacebuilder, scholar and author click here to learn more or to purchase Calm in the Face of the Storm. Non-Adversarial Communication: Speaking and Listening from the Heart" by authors Arlene Brownell and Tom Bache-Wiig. click here to see a review of the book by Robert C. Atchley, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Gerontology (Emeritus), Miami University, and former Chairman of the Board of Conflict Resolution Services, Oxford, Ohio.

Spirituality Section Mission Statement: The recognition of our unity is the healing of all our wounds. Yet how do we convert the consciousness of humanity to a perspective of spiritual oneness? And what would the world look like if we did?" ----Marianne Williamson

How do we convert the consciousness of humanity to a perspective of spiritual oneness? Within the section, we share a profound vision: a dream of peace, an intention to make a difference in the world, and a desire to help others. The purpose of the Spirituality Section is to provide a professional community, which affirms this vision and supports members in bringing their highest vision in their practices, their careers and their lives. In this way, as each of us takes our work and our wisdom out into the world, we will collectively realize our deepest dreams.