You have just purchased a Dynamic Web Site Package and now you wonder what it will take to get this thing going.  Relax, it won't be hard to have a great web site up and running.

By now you have received an email with your user ID and password.  Just go to and you will see this screen.

Enter your ID and password (you received this in your original welcome email) and you will be directed to your account page.  It will look something like this one.  Click on the "Dynamic Web Site Package" link.

You will see your contact details.  You can edit this at any time by selecting the "Change Your Account Information" link and editing your "Contact Information"

You have over 130 different web site styles to select from, click the "Style" tab to see them.  Full tutorial on web site styles is here.

Now you can get to the content of your web site. click the "Pages" tab and you will see a list of pages currently on your site.  Of course, since it is a new web site, you will only see the home page listed. 

By selecting the "Edit" button you can begin placing your own content.  Full tutorial on editing pages is here.

This "Quickstart Tutorial" is just to encourage you to familiarize you with the ease of this system.  The Webshop will be contacting you to schedule a training appointment to lead you through how this all works.  We are always here to assist.  Support is ongoing.

Go ahead,  give it a try.  You can't break anything.


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