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The Nevada Mediation Center was created with a dedication to resolving conflicts and disputes by ways other than litigation. We provide alternative solutions to disputes and conflicts whether in litigation or not. Most disputes NEED NOT become a part of a lawsuit. If a suit has been filed, mediation is still the better solution.

Mr. Schofield and Ms. Miller bring diverse and integrated backgrounds to their dispute resolution practice. Rebecca Hopkins Miller as one of approximately 25 certified collaborative divorce law attorneys in Nevada has blended her more than 20 years of family law experience with her ongoing mediation and arbitration services.  


Paul Schofield is a Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Judge. He has over the past several years mediated disputes and facilitated resolutions in matters ranging from divorce and property to construction issues and other civil conflicts.  Mr. Schofield is a certified district court and private mediator.  He also serves as an arbitrator.

As a long time trial lawyer, he operates on the principle that any legal dispute at any stage is better resolved by the parties through mediation than in a court of law. 


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