Online Course Development Terms & Conditions

Here is University's standard Development and Royalty Agreement for accepted courses:


This Online Course Development and Royalty Agreement is between _________________, hereinafter “Lead Trainer” and Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc., hereinafter “RIS,” doing business as and University.
A.  Lead Trainer hereby confirms that he or she is the exclusive owner, or that he or she fully represents all ownership interests and distribution rights to a course or resource entitled: ________________________________________________________________, hereinafter “the Course;” and
B.  Whereas Lead Trainer would like to work with RIS to offer the Course for purchase at University,, and elsewhere as determined by RIS, as an online text and video course; and
C.  Whereas RIS is interested in developing this online Course and in sharing the financial benefits of doing so,
  1. Course Materials

    If not already done, Lead Trainer will promptly send complete training video and written materials (in Word “.doc” or PDF format) to RIS.  RIS will include all materials in the online Course offering that can reasonably be converted into University’s desired digital format.
  2. Promotional Trailers and Samples

    In addition to offering the Course at University and any other location desired by RIS, RIS, in its discretion, may offer free promotional components (“trailers”) and other free samples of the Course at and at other RIS affiliated web sites without cost.
  1. Course Editorial Decision-making, Promotion and Pricing

    Course editorial decisions will be made by RIS following consultation with Lead Trainer.  Course promotion and pricing will be in the sole discretion of RIS.  
  1. Development, Promotional and Operational Costs are Paid by RIS

    All online Course development costs, promotional costs and operational costs will be paid by RIS. 
  1. RIS Unlimited Right to Offer Course

    Subject to the Royalty rights described below, RIS has the unlimited right to offer the Course at University and at any other location, for as long as desired by RIS.  RIS has the right to discontinue the offering of the Course at any time for any reason.

  2. Royalties to be Paid

    In exchange for providing the video and written materials for the Course, Lead Trainer (or Trainer’s designated royalty group), shall have a 50% royalty interest in all gross revenue received from RIS sales of the Course.  Royalty payments, with an accounting, will be paid on a quarterly basis.  All royalty interests hereunder are personal and may not be assigned nor conveyed.  All royalty interests hereunder shall end on July 1, 2023.

    Trainer royalties hereunder shall be paid to the following person (people) in the follow designated portion(s):

    Royalty Recipient Name 1:   ______________________________________
    Address to Send Payments:     ______________________________________
    Percent of Royalty:                _____%

    Royalty Recipient Name 2:   ______________________________________
    Address to Send Payments:     ______________________________________
    Percent of Royalty:                _____%
  1. Copyright to Developed Online Course

    All copyright to the specific online Course herein developed and offered by RIS at University (and elsewhere) resides with RIS.  This designation of RIS copyright does not, however, in any way lessen established legal rights to historic training video and written resources, nor impact rights to existing “hard copy” materials, nor shall RIS’ copyright in any way limit Trainer’s ability to offer similar or different online or live courses elsewhere in the future.

  2. Dispute Resolution

    In the event of a dispute between MU and Lead Trainer or Trainer’s royalty group, all parties agree to first seek resolution by mediation with a mutually acceptable mediator prior to taking any legal action.  Further, in the event that such mediation is not successful, all such parties agree to the arbitration of any such dispute by a mutually acceptable arbitrator rather than engaging in litigation.
  1. Complete Agreement and Modification

    This Agreement contains the parties’ complete understanding. No alteration, amendment or modification to this Agreement shall be valid or binding unless made in a signed writing.
_________________________________      ________________________________
James C. Melamed, CEO            (date)      Lead Trainer                          (date)
Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc.