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frequently Asked Questions (continued)Steve Sovern Mediation

What should I bring to mediation?

The mediator will assist in gathering information that will be helpful in your decision making.  Steve can provide you with any number of very effective tools for gathering and using information.  These tools will be very helpful in reducing the confusion and uncertainty that is present at the time of divorce.

Also, keep in mind that it is not important for the mediator to know about the issues that you bring to mediation. The mediator does not decide the issues. What is important is what the parties know and come to know through the mediation process.

Is mediation appropriate in all cases?


mediation is not appropriate in all instances. When there has been a history of hurtful behavior, manipulation or domination, mediation may not be an OK place. Since balance of communication is essential in mediation, the presence of intimidation or fear would be a serious problem. Be sure to talk to the mediator about any such concerns. You should get all the information you need in order to make an informed decision regarding what options are best in your situation.

Will attorneys be present in the mediation?

Attorneys are rarely present in family, divorce or parenting mediations. They are certainly welcome should they wish or if the parties want them to attend. Who is present in the mediation, in addition to the parties and the mediator, is always up to the agreement of the parties.

Must I also have an attorney?   

A mediator cannot give legal advice.  That must come from an individual attorney.  There are many legal issues in divorce and parenting that require good advice from an attorney who is familiar with your situation.  This advice may be helpful before or during mediation.  It is essential before taking final papers to the court.

However, there are a growing number of attorneys who work well with and encourage mediation.  These attorneys respect the work their clients do in mediation and are happy to limit their role to that of legal advisor and one who prepares and files the appropriate documents with the court.

Will we need other professional advice?

Maybe.  The good news in mediation is that you can decide together what other professional services will be helpful.  Sometimes the advice of accountants, child mental health professionals, financial consultants, tax advisors, appraisers and other such professions can be very useful.

In mediation, however, it is rarely necessary for participants to each have their own expert as is often the case in litigated divorce.  When working together in mediation, the two of you can decide if outside help will be needed.  The mediator can help you as you decide the one most professional and objective source that can give you the information you need.


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