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Roz began practicing law in 1994, becoming a solo practitioner in 1997, specializing in family law including divorce litigation, alimony, child support, custody and parenting time (formerly known as visitation), equitable distribution of debts and assets, domestic violence, property settlement or separation agreements, paternity, post divorce modifications and her favorite subject, adoptions.

As her practice matured, Roz decided to devote all of her efforts to alternate dispute resolution including family-related mediation, collaborative divorce, and parenting coordination. Mediation of family and partner disputes, both pre-judgment and post-judgment, enables a client to create a solution to his or her own case, and is a constructive way to dissolve a marriage or partner-type relationship, while facilitating communication between the parties.

This is particularly important in cases where there are children from the relationship. Mediation of a divorce allows the parties to co-parent their children in a positive way well into the future. In addition, it is a much less expensive way, both financially and emotionally, to resolve marital disputes.

Parenting Coordination is helpful to divorcing couples both before and after the divorce because it helps the parties learn how to co-parent their children who are or will be living in two households. 

Roz also engages in Collaborative Law.  She enjoys working with her client, his or her spouse or partner, and his or her collaborative lawyer to resolve the parties' differences in yet another alternate dispute resolution process. See newjerseycollaborativelawgroup.com. Rosalyn also welcomes mediation of estate matters.

Rosalyn is an Accredited Family and Divorce Mediator with NJAPM (New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators), and also received her Certificate in Divorce Mediation from Rutgers University in 1995. Rosalyn was formerly approved by the Administrative Officeof the Courts of the State of New Jersey as a mediator in family as well as civil matters. Roz received training as a Collaborative Law Professional in 2009.  She was also awarded the Professional Lawyer of the Year award in 2009 by the Hunterdon County Bar Association.

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