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Writing and Work Samples 

1.  Mercury Rule Fiscal Impact Advisory Committee (2006): The report can be found at: www.deq.state.or.us/aq/mercury/index.htm

2.  Governor's Vehicle Emissions Workgroup (2005): The report can be found at:  www.deq.state.or.us/aq/orlev/docs/05Nov02WorkgroupRpt.pdf

3.  Columbia River Gorge Air Quality Project.  The Work Plan Addendum and Redesigned Technical Study were reviewed by the various stakeholders and public before it was approved by the Columbia River Gorge Commission. http://www.gorgeair.org

4.  Portland/Vancouver I-5 Transportation and Trade Partnership Final Strategic Plan.  The plan was reviewed by the various stakeholders and the public before it was approved by the participating jurisdictions.  http://www.I-5Partnership.com

5.  This "Sample Decision-Making Tool" was designed for a client in order to quantify the often difficult task of prioritizing the different facets of work. Sample Decision-Making Tool

6.  The "Vision 2015 Process Map" was designed with and for a client which was attempting to create a bridge between current projects and projects which might be necessary ten years out. Vision 2015 Process Map

7.  Sample Agreement to Mediate  ICM Sample Agreement to Mediate.pdf

8.  Sample Mediator Scheduling Letter  ICM Mediation Scheduling Letter.pdf

9.  Sample Memorandum of Understanding  ICM Sample Memo of Understanding.pdf

10. Mediation Advocating Checklist  Advocates Checklist for Mediation.pdf 

Items 5 through 10 are copyrighted by ICM, and may not be used without permission.  

These samples provide a glance at the work products from some of the many services ICM offers. Please call us with questions about any of the samples here, or to discuss your organization's needs.


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