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North Carolina Mediations

Leona Beane is available to serve as an Arbitrator and Mediator in N.C. (Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill);  she  maintains a local address in Durham, N.C.

Leona Beane is a certified Mediator,  certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to mediate matters in the N.C.  Superior Court (Civil matters, and also probate,guardianship matters).

Leona Beane  also serves as a Mediator in the Durham Community Mediation Center.

Leona Beane has served as an Arbitrator in N.C. (Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte) for FINRA Dispute Resolution, and previously, NASD. 

In addition to completing extensive Mediation training in New York, Leona Beane has also attended  and completed                      

Mediation trainings in N.C. including the following: 

Mediation, Inc (Chapel Hill)    Mediator Training for Court Ordered Mediated Settlement Conferences in NC, Jan. 25-29, 2006    (40 hrs)

Mediation, Inc. (Chapel Hill)  Mediator Training for Dispute Resolution Commission (Probate & Guardianship, June 10, 2006  (10 hrs)

Dispute Resolution Institute (Durham) "Decision Tree Analysis for Mediators" June 27-28, 2008 (13 hrs)

Mediation Network of N.C. "New Horizons in Conflict Resolution", May 2-3, 2008  (6 hrs cle)

Leona Beane has also assisted, coached and facilitated Mediation trainings as follows: 

Durham, NC Mediation Center,  Feb. 8, 9, 2008, and October 11, 2008, and additional dates in 2009. 

Leona Beane also served as a Mediator in the ABA sponsored Law School Competition at North Carolina   Central University Law School,  March 1.

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